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Here's what you can expect from our comprehensive range of cleaning services.

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NEWCLEAR Clean Collingwood will do our best to help with all your cleaning requirements. Contact us to discuss your special requests.

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Regular Maintenance Cleaning
$40.00 per team member per hour, 2 billable hours minimum, and includes the following cleaning of kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and principal rooms:

Kitchen Cleaning: We love kitchens! Your kitchen will sparkle when we're done.

  • clean and polish exterior of large appliances

  • degrease interior of stove door

  • wipe out interior of fridge (food items will not be moved)

  • wipe and polish counters

  • clean and polish sinks until they sparkle

  • clean and polish small appliances

  • clean away smudges on backsplash and cabinet doors as required

  • vacuum floors

  • steam tile floors

  • clean (bona) hardwood floors

  • garbage removal

  • periodic clean of garbage containers

  • general tidy

Bathroom Cleaning

  • sanitize toilets, inside and out

  • clean and polish vanities

  • clean and polish tubs and showers til they sparkle

  • special attention to mirrors and glass shower enclosures

  • metal fixtures polished

  • garbage removal

  • vacuum and steam tile floors

  • vacuum and condition (bona) wood floors

Principal Rooms and Bedrooms Cleaning

  • dust including blinds, heating/air conditioning grates, window wells, doors and door frames, baseboards, light fixtures, fans

  • vacuum floors and stairs. Large pieces will not be moved

  • periodic vacuum of soft goods

  • mirrors polished

  • steam tile floor

  • clean and condition wood/laminate floors

Post Construction Deep Cleaning
$45.00 per team member per hour
and includes the following:

  • commercial vacuum of floors

  • steam clean tiles

  • clean and conditioning of wood/ laminate floors

  • bathrooms cleaned, sanitized, polished

  • all kitchen surfaces cleaned, sanitized, polished

  • walls vacuumed where required

  • light fixtures, fans dusted, wiped or vacuumed

  • construction residue (glue, paint, plaster, grout. labels) will be removed if possible

  • cabinet interior and exteriors cleaned

  • closet interiors wiped

  • doors, door frames, baseboards dry dusted and/or wiped as needed

  • "de-fingerprint" interior windows and sills

Rental Turnaround
When your renters are moving in or out, a thorough deep clean is a must to protect your investment and prepare for the next guest. $45.00 per hour per team member, 2 billable hours minimum.


  • thorough empty, clean, sanitization and polish of all appliances, inside and out

  • cupboards emptied and washed, inside and out

  • countertops wiped and sanitized

  • sinks and fixtures wiped, sanitized and polished

  • base boards, light fixtures, air vent covers dusted and/or wiped

  • electric switch plates wiped and sanitized

  • tile floors vacuumed and steam cleaned

  • wood floors vacuumed, cleaned and conditioned

  • tables and glass wiped and polished

  • garbage removal and receptacles washed


  • toilets cleaned and sanitized inside and out

  • bathtubs, surrounds and showers cleaned and sanitized inside and out

  • special attention to metal, glass and mirror surfaces

  • vanity cupboards and drawers wiped down inside and out

  • tile floors steamed

  • trash removed

Bedrooms and Principal Rooms

  • thorough vacuum including baseboards, air vent covers, window wells, under large pieces-large pieces will not be moved, mats will be lifted for floor vacuuming, large area rugs will be folded back for floor vacuuming

  • dusting throughout

  • switch plates wiped

  • closets checked, emptied and vacuumed

  • hardwood/laminate floors vacuumed and conditioned (wood cleaner and conditioner)

  • smudges removed from interior windows (within reach)

  • trash removed

Pre/post Party One Off
From $50.00 per team member per hour-2 billable hour minimum

Arrange for a thorough clean before your next big do and wow your guests. When they have gone home, let us do the tidy up- you deserve a rest! If a whole house clean is not required, we will clean only areas specified and perform tasks required. Call for required pre-event consultation

  • trash removed- can included recyclable liquor and beer bottle returns

  • bathrooms cleaned, sanitized, and sparkled

  • thorough vacuum in designated areas

  • kitchen areas cleaned, sanitized and polished

  • spot stain removal if and where required, when possible

  • vacuum sofas

  • dry dust tables, blinds, window sills and wipe as required

  • floors steam cleaned or mopped as required

  • general tidy- large pieces will not be moved